Diesel Engine Air Compressors

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Diesel Engine Air Compressors, Belt & Hydraulic Driven Air Compressors:

TractAir Industrial specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality Diesel Engine Air Compressors and air systems for agricultural, industrial, construction, marine and mobile engine applications.

TractAir compressors are particularly suited to water pump priming, radiator cleaning and for air starting.  We offer a vast range of off-the-shelf and bespoke compressor solutions for engines from most of the major manufacturers. 

And many others…

To complement the compressor, we offer complete packages to include air filters, hoses, pressure regulators, air driers and reservoirs.  Some of our compressors are available with through drive hydraulic pumps – particularly useful when space and PTO drive options are limited.  We specialise in working with our customers to tailor the kit to suit their application, even for small volumes. 

While PTO drive is the go-to option for industrial compressors, we also have a large selection of belt driven units in a range of capacities.  These can be a great option when a PTO is not available, or when a specialist compressor is required.  Our belt driven industrial compressors come as a complete kit including all mounting brackets, pulleys, belts and hardware.

We undertake custom projects to suit your needs using high quality parts and materials together with advanced manufacturing techniques. 

Why choose TractAir Industrial?

  • Full design, manufacture, supply & installation services
  • Through drive hydraulic pumps available
  • PTO, belt & hydraulic driven compressors
  • Compressors for agricultural, industrial, construction, water pump priming, marine and mobile industries
  • Off-the-shelf ready to buy compressor units and packages available
  • Bespoke design solutions to suit your needs
  • High quality parts and materials
  • Advanced manufacturing and quality control techniques

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See our separate engine brand pages for more detail about individual installations.